City Souks I and II

Zora (formerly of Zora's Personal Seamstress) and Bahira (Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah) set up a tent (twice!) in Santa Clara  during the Summer featuring their handmade craft items and gently used custom belly dance costumes.  Here are some photos of the past two City Souks:

  City Souk I  



Oooohhhhhh La La!  Eye Candy


Left to Right: Zora with J'lena (who bought this outfit!) and Delphina (who was sorely tempted to buy this one!)  Genie B's testimonial:  "Belly dancers and non-belly dancers alike--you will be dazzled by the gorgeous fabrics these amazing women have used to create beautiful skirts, tops, scarves and jewelry at very reasonable prices. I am extremely happy with my purchases! I'm sure you will be too."



  City Souk II 



Jewelry, Mermaid Hair, Tassels


Floral Hair Clips, and Leather Belts

April 1, 2008

Rakset Wadi al Shems at the San Jose Women's Club Ballroom


Bahira served as DJ for Zora's Troupe: Rakset Wadi al Shems at the San Jose Women's Club Ballroom on  April 1, 2008.



Rakset Wadi al Shems performed a traditional set of dances in the lovely historic ballroom of the San Jose Women's Club in Downtown San Jose.



The one hour dinner show was catered by Pomegranate Cafe and Zora taught a few basic dance steps to the audience.    encouraging them to get up and dance with the Troupe.


A good time was had by all!

February 9 & 10, 2008
SF/BA MECDA's Hafla at the Hoover with Morocco
635 Park Avenue, San Jose CA 95126
(across from the Rosecrucian Museum)
Hummus                                          Chef Bahira                                       Jeweled Couscous
Bahira of Marrakesh Express provided catering for MECDA's
Hafla at the Hoover with Morroco ("Rocky" to her friends) of New York
on Sunday, February 10, 2008
         Shiva, Fara'Asha and Chef Bahira ready to serve you.               Morocco as Guedra.       
The Professional Showcase of dancers with Headliner Morocco rounded out the day's festivities of dancing, workshops and vending.
Michelle and Malia's New Moon Belly Dance Ensemble were among the eight leading performers for the evening Show.
"Rocky" (Morocco) closed the Show with her classic dance steps and incredible zill work
THANKS, Rocky for visiting the West Coast!