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Bahira has had Clients who are in need of Accessory Pieces (headbands, gauntlets, necklaces, etc.) for existing bedlah purchased elsewhere or bedlah previously made by Bahira. Accessory Pieces are something added to round out or complete the costume and bring it all together to that professional looking end.

Sometimes Clients have pieces of a costume (an extra veil or sleeves) which are not being used and they want it turned into something else. Other times something entirely new needs to be created. Bahira loves to create pieces like these and here are the photos.


Maia's Accessories

While Bahira was finishing Maia's Red Horus bedlah, Maia asked if she could make headbands for all the bedlahs Bahira had made for her up until then.  These three headbands were created to match Maia's Bilingual bedlah and the blue/green bedlah.



Alcina's Accessories

Alcina had an existing pink bedlah for which she did not have any necklace or gauntlets. She had been borrowing a necklace from another bedlah but the shade of pink was not right. The existing bedlah had two sequined chiffon sleeves which she never wore and she asked Bahira if those could be used in any way. Bahira incorporated the sequined part of the sleeves for the gauntlets and the plain part was used as a base for the choker type necklace.

Alcina showed Bahira three more costumes which needed that finishing touch.

The first one was a richly sequined and beaded, hot pink, cobalt blue and silver number (left) which needed cuffs and a necklace. There were no extra materials to draw from, so Bahira had to search out and match the colors independantly. She also had to duplicate the complex wavey design of the bead work.  Here are the results. 


Alcina needed gauntlets for a gold and purple velvet costume she had. She also needed gauntlets and a necklace for a red and gold skirt. The gold bedlah she wore with the red skirt was mono-toned gold and did not look good against her skin. She need a touch of red on the gold bra to break up the line. Bahira added a red under-strap to the gold bra strap to achieve this. Here are the results.


Alcina's tribal costume had cuffs, but she wanted longer gauntlets for her long arms and she had a few extra decorative metal appliques she wanted to be used on them. 


Three other costumes, one purple iris, one black & silver and one gold also required gauntlets and cuffs.


Mandella's Accessories


Mandella purchased this beautiful Ocean Blues Pharonics costume from Maia but it did not have any jewelry  other than headband, cuffs and optional sleeves.  Mandella wanted glitter and lots of it, so using the asymmetrical design on the jeweled cuffs, Bahira created a complimentary necklace and two sets of armbands and earrings, one to match the turquoise highlights of the bedlah and one to match the deep blues.


Mandella also needed accessories for a red and gold costume she had.


Mandella purchase a lavender beaded belt that fit her perfectly.  The bra that came with the set was not the right size for her and the vender was willing to split up the bedlah set.  That left Mandella with a need for a lavender top which she asked Bahira to create.  Bahira was unable to find beaded fringe to exactly match the belt, but she did find beaded fringe to match the sequins and material that matched the belt beads.  The reciprocal colors work surprisingly well.


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