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Alcina - My Mentor
and House Dancer for Menara Moroccan Restaurant
The following  Bedlah ensembles (hardwear) were made by Bahira.   Softwear by Zora of Zora's Personal Seamstress.


Alcina asked Bahira to create a "Tribal Night Out" bedlah set for a skirt and veil she already had. She did not want any beads, beaded fringe or coins on the belt which would interfere with her floor work. Bahira create glitz and glamour from sparkling ribbon trim and flashy tassels from novelty yarns. This was the results....a gossamer gypsy.

Additional Bedlah Sets
Created but not Photographed in Action

This is "Cranberry & Pearls"

Bahira originally made this bedlah set for herself and displayed it at The Magic Camel grand opening as a sample of her work and not intending to sell it. Alcina spotted it and purchased it on the spot. With minor fitting adjustments the bedlah changed owners.

This is "Fuschia Sparkle"

Alcina gave Bahira and well used pair of harem pants that had outlived their function. Tha material was still good and matched a multicolored glitter-dot skirt Alcina had. Bahira breathed new life into the material and created this bedlah set to compliment the still-useful skirt. Voila, a new costume!

This is "Black on Red".

Alcina gave Bahira one large and one small central gold applique which she wanted to have featured in the belt. Bahira incorporated the appliques and added to the design. A second layer of black beaded fringe (not seen here) was added later to give more weight to the belt.

This is "Electric Turquoise".

Alcina gave Bahira an embroidered Indian skirt which she wanted to wear for dancing. She needed a bedlah to match. Bahira picked up the blues, silver and gold in the embroidery to give contrast to the red skirt.


The fire-engine red of the embroidered Indian skirt is a perfect foil for the electric colors of the bedlah. Three layers of red, turquoise and gold beaded trim added complexity to the belt.  The gauntlets are totally reversible giving variety to the costume. Beaded epaulets were added later to create a more balanced look to the outfit.

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