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Desert Dance Festival Costume Contest 2005

Bahira entered two of her original designs in the First Costume Design Contest held at Desert Dance Festival. She entered in two categories: Theme, which she modeled herself, and Tribal, modeled by Shiva.


Bahira's Tribal entry won first place and her Theme entry won a second place.


Bahira called her Theme creation "Butterfly Flutterby".  The butterflies on the stretch netting Beladi inspired dress were glittered by hand and set the tone for this themed entry. Butterflies are found on the hand-beaded Bra and Belt, as well as the glitter-dot black skirt underneath.  The bottom half of the form-fitting Beladi dress fans out in bead & sequin-edged petals. Two layers of glitter-dot one-and-a-half-circle skirting also fan out beautifully during spins. The necklace and earrings were made by Bahira to complete the Bedlah and flowers in her hair give the reason she is surrounded by butterflies. A two yard turquoise silk circular veil flutters with the illusion of flight.


Shiva modeled the Tribal costume entitled "Savannah Sunset" in shades of rust, gold and black.  The vest and wide harem pants are covered with tigers and gazelles and the African fabric overskirt echoes these colors.  The 4 1/2 inch wide woven belt is adorned with, glass beads, cowry shells, handmade orange wool tassels, brass Indian bells, and panels of African fabric in complementary black, gold and rust colors.  The bra is covered with color coordinated woven trim and cowry tipped black and gold a cotton fringe which perfectly accents upper body movement and shimmies.  An Indian glass Mandela ornament focuses the Chakra at the heart. The headwrap is Bahira's own creation, the "Insta-Turban" which turns any rectangular piece of fabric into a quick and classic turban ready for decoration with feathers, jewels or, in this case, tassels.

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