Desert Dance Festival - San Jose, California  September 23, 2007 


Above photos courtesy of Michael Baxter

Bahira performed with Fara'Asha and Shiva at Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium, Francis Bacon Theatre, 1342 Naglee Avenue, San Jose, California.  This two day annual festival featured venders, workshops and performances all day, both days by local and out-of-state troupes and soloists.  The Saturday night Extravaganza, "The Eye of the Peacock," featured the workshop teachers: Ava Fleming, Atlantis, Jamileh,and Aziza, along with Dance Companies: Tatseena's Mytho Poetic Vignette "Dreams of Cleopatra," Belly Dance Odyssey Raks and Gameela Awi Awi


Photos below by Bahira

                                                                                      Tatseena & Good Vibrations

                  Belly Dance Odyssey Raks            and                                          Gameela Awi Awi

Here are some photos of other performers:     

             Adira                  Delphina               &                                     Paloma


      Naiya                        Michelle Joyce                  &                    Yolanda


              Mo'Menein                                    &                   Nudar Rumman


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