False Eyelashes



The ads do compare'em

But, oh, for the life of me,

How do I wear'em


They cling to my fingers

Then fall to the floor

That wears off the glue

So I put on some more.


Carefully, carefully,

I put one on straight....

I know it will stay

If I just meditate.


There!  Take a look!

Be careful; don't blink!

Oops, there it goes

Falling into the sink.


Now wiping it dry,

I count up to ten,

Add some more glue

And try it again.


And again and again

'Til there's more glue than lash.

By this time my eyelid's

Developed a rash.


My left eye is swollen.

"SOPHIA" I'm not,

And the tube of adhesive

Is gone in one shot.


My teary right eye

Reads the side of the box:

"Contains enough glue

For 3 months (approx.)"


Words by Bahira 1983