http://www.reelsoundandlight.com  Carl Sermon, also known as Ma*Shuqa's husband, is the photographer to the San Francisco Bay Area Orientale Dance community. He is known for taking photos that capture the “Golden Moments of Dance.  Bahira highly recommends his services at any and all your performances!

http://www.naiyaraks.com   Naiya & Numa'ir are a classy husband & wife belly dance duo with which Bahira has the pleasure of friendship and respect.  They perform on a regular basis at El Morocco in Pleasant Hill.

http://www.egyptsies.com  Mandella is troupe director of Egyptsies.  The Egyptsies are a Northern California/Santa Clara County based belly dancing troupe born of the purest sense of "Gypsy Essence." A troupe that values the connection of family, they dance through life together, enjoying the evolution of the dance that comes from the varied backgrounds of all three members: Mandella, Cassiopeia, & Chéron

http://www.yolandabellydance.com  Yolanda: performer, teacher and former President of San Francisco/Bay Area MECDA. Check out her website for other happenings in the bay area belly dance community.

http://www.khajulah.com/  Khajulah is an exceptionally graceful dancer (those eyes! those hands!) and exquisite costume designer in the South Bay area.  Director of Raks al Khalil (Dance of Friends) - Check out her classes as she is terrific choreographer.

http://www.MaiaRaqs.com   Maia has moved to the Portland, Oregon, area and is deeply missed by Bahira.  Bahira and Troupe Nambah always enjoyed sharing a performance night at Menara with the elegant and graceful Maia.  Many of Maia's costumes were created by Bahira and can be seen in action on Maia's photo gallery.