Hiring Policies


Bahira does not do "belly-grams" or surprise performances.

Performances are suitable for family viewing.

Performances can include any of the following: Bahira solo or with a duet partner; veil work; sword, candle or tray balancing; open dancing for purposes of audience participation and/or a special dance for a "guest of honor."

A standard performance length is between 25 and 45 minutes including audience participation.

If possible, Bahira requests to see the performance site ahead of time for planning purposes.

A $10 non-refundable booking fee is required before the event date to reserve Bahira. Rate quoted depends upon duration of performance and is negotiable upon hiring. Payment can be made by check ("Bahira") or Cash the night of event and a $50 travel charge is applied if the distance to the event from San Jose is longer than 30 minutes one-way drive time.

TIPPING: In the past, the art of Belly Dance originally was performed by women for women; a tradition that continues in Saudi Arabia and other conservative Muslim countries. However, in more recent times and with less conservative cultures, the dance has evolved into an entertainment form to be performed in the presence of both men and women. These cultures allow for tipping of the dancers to take place by placing money directly on the dancer's costume in a non-lewd form, such as under a shoulder strap or in the belt at the hip. In keeping with tradition, tipping of the dancer(s) during non-staged performance numbers ("Free or Open Dancing") or even after the performance is customary, and is encouraged and appreciated.

If you have any questions concerning these policies, feel free to ask.