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troupe Costumes Created for indigenous

Tribal Night Out  in Purple, Teal, Green & Gold

 Zora crafted the vests and harem pants.  Bahira crafted the skirts, bedlah and all the jewelry.  These peacocks are ready to strut their stuff!


AmerIndian Tribal


                The Braves                                        .......The Squaws......


                        The Medicine Woman                             .....and the Eagles

The breeches and vests  were crafted by Zora and embellished by Bahira.  The bras, jewelry,  micro-suede hip scarves, concha tassel belts and yarn& leather belts were designed and crafted by Bahira.  Bahira conceptually designed the silk wings and Zora cut, sewed, dyed and hand painted the eagle feather designs.



Gothic Liquid Silver

Bahira created these costumes to reflect a mystical and dark performance line-up using more techno-tribal music and moves.  The performance in these costumes was perfect for Halloween.  The material used had a metallic pattern with areas of netting that appeared to be melted allowing underlying colors to show through in muted shades.  Glitter-dot strip overskirts in corresponding colors gave shimmer to the dancer's movements.  The bedlah could be worn with net bodysuits or flared pants for a more hip-hop look.


      Masques added to the mystery




Crystal Bedlah

These bedlah sets in neutral cream and crystal are very elegant and versatile.  They can be worn with any color skirt, pants and/or choli top (these were crafted by Zora). 


American Tribal

Each of these bedlah are different yet they embody the American Tribal Style with big tassels and bright colors.

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