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The Magic Camel Fashion Show  2004


Zora, Adira & Bahira (above) hosted The Magic Camel Student Dancer Fashion Showcase at Pasand's Indian Restaurant in Santa Clara, California as a way of bringing their costuming ideas to both novice and accomplished belly dancers.  Over 100 attendees came to eat, watch, learn and appreciate ideas at the well-run event.


The show featured five leading Bay Area dancers:  Ma Shuqa, Ka'ela, Maia, Vashti and Bahira, each demonstrating a different style of Belly Dance: Cabaret, Bollywood, Egyptian, Gypsy & Tribal.  In between the headliner performers, volunteer student dancers danced and modeled fashions which had been assembled by the hosting trio reflecting each style of dance from practice-wear to performance ensembles.  Tempest's husband, Keith, was the tuxedoed master of music.


Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah provided the bedlah hardwear and accessories for the following models:


                   Azul: Belt & Turban              Beatriz: Beladi Coat & Turban        Kira: Bedlah & Accessories         


Nabila:  Bedlah & Accessories      Delphina:  Bedlah & Accessories        Jeanette:  Bedlah & Accessories  


                   Saleh: Turban & Belt      Shiva:  Bedlah & Accessories    Fara'Asha: Bedlah, Turban & Choli


                     Denia: Bedlah Bra                       Calista: Floral Hairclip             Kasmira: Bedlah & Accessories


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