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My Favorite Dancer: Maia

The following Bedlah ensembles were made by Bahira (hardwear) of Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah in conjunction with Zora (softwear) of Zora's Personal Seamstress.

Maia asked for pink...and she got it! Two layers of beaded fringe give good-feeling weight to this Bedlah to accent Maia's moves. The ribbon trim used is actually three dimensional with both embroidery and shi-sha appliques.  The necklace, earrings and headband were made by Bahira to complete the Bedlah package.  Left:  Maia is performing here at Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose.



Maia actually got two Bedlah sets from this creation.  Bahira gave her the option of two different styles and colors of belt to go with the bi-lingual bra. The belt on the left picks up the black and pink accents of the bra. The belt on the right focuses on the deep purples of the satin band on the bra. This Bedlah set could be worn with black, purple, pink or silver garments which made it very versatile.   Bahira made necklaces, earrings and headbands to compliment each sets.



Maia gave Bahira most of the materials to make this Bedlah set. The colors are iridescent blue-green depending on the angle you are looking from. The sheen on the stretch velvet skirt, made by Zora's Personal Seamstress, is mesmerizing as Maia moves.


This Bedlah has a luscious red velvet base which goes with the clingy stretch velvet mermaid skirt made by Zora.   The accents on the Bedlah are gold and silver.   Headband, necklace and earrings round out the outfit.   Maia is offering this gently used Bedlah Hardwear set with different Softwear for sale at Bhuz.com Belly Dance Swapmeet



Left:  Bahira calls this Bedlah "Red Horus". There are purple, gold and red appliques of the Egyptian god Horus all around the belt and on the bra.   Maia modeled this Bedlah at the Magic Camel Fashion Show in Santa Clara.    Right:  Bahira loved this design so much she made a companion ensemble for herself in purple.



This Opalicious bedlah set worked well with both fuschia and turquoise softwear crafted by Zora



Pearls on Black Velvet gave Maia the Theda Bera Vamp persona.



Left:  Maia performed in this Starry Night bedlah at her Student Night in Cupertino.  The belt is a single piece tribal-nite-out style that fastens at the hip.  By placing the fastening  hooks at the left hip, Bahira enabled this belt to be adjustable without off-setting the back.



Cabaret sets in silver and in gold gave Maia great versatility in mixing and matching all of her softwear.



A final bedlah set in the Tribal Style allowed her an ethnic flavor to her performances.  This very heavy crystal set was purchased elsewhere but because it was so heavy it was impractical to dance in as it moved around too much.  Bahira sewed the pieces to a velvet covered base bedlah set so that it stayed in place while dancing.  Leftover pieces were used to make coordinated jewelry accessories.

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