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Adventures in Food Services

Specializing in intimate home catering and ethnic dishes


Chef Bahira/Barbara Martin has provided catering for many small and exciting events and family gatherings in the South Bay area since 2001.  She specializes in small corporate buffets and intimate home dining drawing on her vast experience of ethnic cuisines and creative cooking.  She loves designing Menus for themed events and has done buffets for Halloween, Medieval Banquets, Indonesian/Pacific Rim, African, Indian, French and of course, her specialty Middle Eastern Cuisine.  E-mail Bahira for Rate Sheet/Price List of Dishes or let her know your budget and have her design a menu especially for you! 

Click here for photos of many of her popular dishes  Dishes

Here are a few photos of events:



American Women In Science (AWIS) Bi-monthly Mentoring Meetings  Stanford Campus


Moroccan Tables

Family Graduation Party 2008

"My whole family is raving about our amazing meal.  My step-mom...was in heaven.....EVERYONE went back for thirds.  Thank you so much for making this wonderful evening possible - my family cannot wait for the next graduation!   
Thank you again, my dear....I have a very happy family.  I wish I had more words to tell you how awesome you are!
- Kasmira    P.S.  Your baklava received RAVE reviews!!! "




Halloween 2005 Buffet


                               Grisly Preserves......... and A Spooky Spread......  The kids loved the Dessert: Oozing Chocolate Cake