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Other Happy Clients

The following are other clients who have used the services of Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah with happy results.


Melissa (in the middle) came to Maia with an unusual request; Melissa wanted to perform a Middle Eastern dance for her soon-to-be husband on their wedding day. Having never before danced Rak Sharki, Melissa started taking a crash course in belly dance from Maia, who helped her find some music to dance to and choreographed a short routine for her.

Maia then sent Melissa into the hands of Zora and Bahira to create a special costume for her performance.


While Zora made a slinky black stretch velvet skirt and choli top, Bahira created an eye-catching tie-on belt with silver and crystal accents.  Bahira also created a dramatic belly-drape pin to match her bridal tiara.


In the space of less than two months, Melissa was costumed and performance ready thanks to the collaboration of Maia, Zora and Bahira.   Here is Melissa performing her surprise dance for her husband in front of their wedding guests.



Delphina took to bellydancing like a duck to water. Dancing, to her, was as natural as breathing and she soon found herself wanting, and needing, a performance bedlah....And sooner rather than later. At the Magic Camel she purchased a tri-colored chiffon petal skirt made by Zora and decided to build onto that.

Zora and Bahira worked closely with Delphina and came up with this unique tri-color chiffon costume with assymetrically embellished bedlah.


Zora made a tri-color petal skirt in chiffon, which Delphina started with.   With leftover pieces of the three colors of chiffon, Zora hand shirred and stitched the belt bases and bra before handing it over to Bahira for embellishment.  Rather than covering up all this hard work, Bahira created an assymetrical beaded pattern which was repeated on the front and back of the belt as well as the bra.   Since symmetry was not the goal, Bahira felt free to bead the design to her liking, leaving a good portion of the beautifully gathered layers of chiffon showing.


Delphina has danced numerous times in this costume for friends, family and co-workers who have enjoyed her new found talents.  Here she is performing at The Straw Hat Pizza Parlor (left) and on stage at Desert Dance Festival 2004 (right) in San Jose. 

Bahira created the headband, necklace and earrings worn with this bedlah and Zora's Personal Seamstress sewed the choli/vest and harem pants in addition to the petal skirt.



Adira showed Bahira some expensive, red netting fabric with three dimensional red and black rosettes that she had purchased some time ago in New York. Adira had planned on creating a Spanish style costume from it, but decided to see what Bahira could do with it. It was not your usual fabric for making a bedlah...a challenge to be sure, but Bahira was up to it. Adira had also purchased red and black beaded fringe and a few other items which she wish to be incorporated into the bedlah.

Since the fabric itself was so highly embellished there was little call for added beadwork beyond the fringe at the bottom. Bahira kept further embellishments to a tasteful minimum and the results were fantastic.  Ole, Senorita!


Here is Adira performing in her Gypsy Rose Lee at the Bean Scene Hafla in Sunnyvale.  Adira's gauntlets, skirt and veil bring the whole sense of the costume together.  The rose accents in her hair and at her hip echo the rosettes in the bedlah. 

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