Bahira has always been interested in Photography, inspired as a teenager by watching her father print black & white photos in the kitchen-turned-darkroom back in Saudi Arabia.  In Saudi there were no photo studios or places that developed film in those days so she learned at her father's elbow some of the basics.  She enjoyed composing artistic B&W shots of many interesting places in Saudi and learned to see the world around her with an artistic photographic eye. 

Fortunately the Digital Age has made artistic photography much easier than those darkroom days and Bahira continues to enjoy dabbling in the images that have naturally progressed from her other loves of bellydancing, travel, costuming and cooking.  In this link she shares some of her favorite images for your enjoyment. 

Click on the Categories below for Bahira's photographic portfolios.  Please respect that these images are copyrighted and wholly owned by Bahira and this website.  If you are interested in using any of them, please be sure to obtain permission by contacting Bahira.   ENJOY!


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