Mediterranean Feast Private Party  

On Saturday, June 2, 2007, Bahira, Shiva and Fara'Asha of Indigenous were pleased to perform for a private party as part of an Auctioned Dinner/Entertainment Package to raise money for Washington Open Elementary school.  Two families and their guests were the recipients of the $700 package which included a gourmet dinner for eight catered in their home.  Parent volunteers from the student body provided fantasy patio and table decorations, top notch service and an incredible array of scrumptious Mediterranean dishes as well as post party clean-up for the lucky winners. 

Also included in the package was dancing entertainment provided by Bahira and Indigenous performing a 20 minute set of dances that included sword, veil, candles and fan.  The organizer had this to say about the performance:  "...The belly dancers were beautiful in crystals and icy green; they looked like they should have had fairy wings, so magical they appeared.  My favorite dance was when they had trays of candles and light cubes that they stood and danced on. "

Here are a few photos from the event.

above: Bahira performs with a fan and Shiva performs with sword
Twilight Candle Dance