Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival - September 15 &16,  2007 

For the sixth consecutive year, Bahira performed at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival in Central Park.  She performed first with Indigenous in a Mytho-Poetic AmerIndian line-up on Saturday morning and again on Sunday with Troupe Nambah and Friends in a set of traditional and fusion Middle Eastern dances.  Action photos of Indigenous by Dave Martin and action photos of Troupe Nambah by John Gibson.  Thanks!
Village Storytellers dance the Legend of the Eagle Women
Bahira, dancing as The Raven, Trickster to the People
The Raven calls forth the Tribe makes them dance like birds.
The Story ends with a salute to the Great Spirit, The Thunderbird.
Bahira drums an accompaniment to the final celebration of song and music.

Troupe Nambah & Sevanti:

Photo by Zora

Thank you John Gibson for the following action shots of the performance

                                   Fara'Asha, Shiva & Bahira perform "Some Like It Hot" - Hip Hop Bellydance


Shiva, Fara'Asha & Sevanti perform "Shiva Taxim"