Menara Moroccan Restaurant - Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bahira with Alcina
Alcina hosted the First Annual Bennuvian Reunion Bash at Menara Moroccan Restaurant, 41 Gish Road, San Jose, California on Sunday evening, February 17.  Alcina's Troupe, The Bennuvians, is no longer performing together, but its members continue to stay in contact fostering the sisterhood of The Dance as it was originally intended.  Many of the members have gone on to form active troupes of their own and others continue in the solo pursuit of performance.  Over 100 guests, family and friends attended the Bash and a private gathering of The Bennuvians after the performances brought everyone up-to-date on what's happening in their lives.
Bahira performed the first solo of the evening in the Mytho-poetic style, taking the audience to the Caribbean for a little Voodoo Magic.  She enter with a Sailing Veil to the Garifuna Soul song "Yau" by Belizean artist Aurelio Martinez and ended with Malik Adouane's Mid-East version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition": 
Photos by Fara'Asha




TROUPE DAHAB (Director Aseela)


Photos by Bahira

Former Bennuvian Aseela (above left) left the troupe in 2004 and moved to Dutch Flats with her family.  She formed Troupe Dahab in that area with Ariel, Suzanne and Zakiyya and returned tonight with them to perform for us.  Ariel and Suzanne are below.


Sha'la dance her solo to a song called "Sun in the Night" by Brand X from the album Moroccan Roll  with Phil Collins singing Sanskrit lyrics.
EGYPTSIES (Director Mandella)
Former Bennuvian Mandella created her troupe Egyptsies to fuse her love for Belly Dance and Latin dancing with her husband, Cheron.  Together with Cassiopeia, they danced a lively handclapping, skirt flashing performance.
One of the loveliest Grandmothers I know in a costume created by former Bennuvian Zora.      
                                                        ...Bennuvians tipping over J'lena!
TROUPE EMERALD (Director Jamina)
Three former Bennuvians comprise this troupe under the creative choreography of Jamina (in green) who is also a solo house dancer for Menara.
The last dancer Donya brought down the house with her very first solo: high energy and sparkling smile.  Way to go Donya!
Bennuvians Rule!
Come back next year for the Second Annual Bennuvian Reunion Bash! 
See you then!