Past Performances:

Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival 2013
Bahira performed with Indigenous for the 7th year in a row on the Meadow Stage at Central Park, in Santa Clara, California on Saturday, September 14, at 11:00 AM.  Bahira and the troupe performed their Mytho-poetic styling of Belly Dance fusion with a fun and funky set of Halloween themed pieces to favorite movie themes and spooky melodies.  David Martin was on hand with these photos from the beautifully sunny event:
Bahira, the Halloween Puppet Master sets her dolls free to dance on their own.
Blades flash to the theme song from the movie "Saw"....,
A gothic tribal number:   "I Cash Radii"......
....then three floaty ghosts glided to "Friday The 13th" music
A mystical piece set to Indian music "Cafe Uzma"
...And the Grand Finale Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" with an Arabic flavor:
Thank you all for coming to see us and see you next year, same stage, same time.  Have a safe Halloween!
More Information at SCA&W Festival


Bahira and Indigenous performed a sassy Spanish set of dances on the Main Stage at Richmond Memorial Auditorium, 403 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, California  on March 19, 2013.  Carl Sermon Photography was on hand to catch these pics of the lively performance.  Thanks, Carl!






More info at RAKKASAH WEST


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

October 28, 2012

Bahira and Indigenous performed with A Bellydance Collective in the parade and performance celebration of Dia de los Muertos in downtown San Jose.  The Collective drummed and zilled while marching 4 blocks from Cesar Chavez Park to the SJSU Library were community activities included vendors, food and local dance performances, including Indigenous.  After the performance, we drummed our way to the Flames Restaurant to entertain the patrons briefly and have a bite to eat.


                                  A Bellydance Collective                                                                    Bahira just before the Parade


Three lovely skeletons

Thank you Khajulah for organizing this fun event.    See you next year!

Dia de los Muertos



2012 Santa Clara Art & Wine
On Saturday, September 15, 2012, on the meadow Stage, Bahira entertained the local festival audience with her troupe Indigenous for the 6th year in a row.  Indigenous performed a Latin-inspired set of dances complete with senoritas, fans and even a bullfight on stage.  Here are some photos from the performance thanks to David Martin:
Bahira as Toreadora dancing and fighting the bull with her cape.
Lively Zill Dance
The troupe performed a sensual and sultry sword dance to Flamenco Guitar.
Ending the set with "Hot Rhythm" a fast paced dance with skirt work:
More photos of Bahira with Indigenous can be seen at Indigenous at Santa Clara Art & Wine 2012

Mediterranean Nights Dinner - April 28, 2012

Private Party


Bahira performed with Indigenous as part of the entertainment for the Washington Open Elementary School Mediterranean Nights Dinner package auctioned off to raise funds for the school.  At the end of the sumptuous dinner, Bahira and Indigenous performed a lively 30 minute show with open dancing at the end to give the audience a taste of fun.


Private Party Performance, Palo Alto, California - February 11, 2012

with Indigenous for a Dinner Party entertainment with Latin Fusion Belly Dance:  Mid East/South of the Border


Desert Dance Festival 2011 - Santa Clara, California  September 24, 2011

Santa Clara Art & Wine 2011  - Santa Clara, California  September 17, 2011 

Saiqa's 2011 Breast Cancer Benefit - San Jose, California  August 13, 2011

Boogie on the Bayou 2011 - Campbell, California  May 22, 2011

Private Party Mediterranean Night - Santa Clara, California  May 21, 2011

Private Party Kay Brown - Palo Alto, California  February 26, 2011

Thai Lovers Restaurant Bon Voyage to Ashley Lopez - San Jose, California  January 8, 2011

Jingle Bell Raks  - Sunnyvale, California  December 17. 2010

Haunted Hafla Adira 2010  - San Jose, California   October 23, 2010

Desert Dance Festival - Santa Clara, California  September 25, 2010

Santa Clara Art & Wine 2010 Bahira & Friends  -  Santa Clara, California  September 19, 2010 

Santa Clara Art & Wine 2010 Crossover Set -  Santa Clara, California  September 18, 2010 

Mystery Unveiled - Masters of Belly Dance - Visalia, California  August 14, 2010

Dancin' On The Avenue - Willow Glen, California   June 26, 2010

MECDA's Cairo Caravan 2010 - Long Beach, California   June 5, 2010

Boogie on the Bayou 2010 - Campbell, California   May 23, 2010

Mediterranean Nights Private Performance - Santa Clara, California   May 8, 2010

Ashley Lopez's Dance du Ventre - Redwood City, California  April 23, 2010

Halloween Bean Scream 2009 - Sunnyvale, California  October 30, 2009

SCA&W Festival 2009 - Bahira & Friends - Santa Clara, California  September 20, 2009

SCA&W Festival 2009 - Indigenous - Santa Clara, California  September 19, 2009

SF/BA MECDA Fall Dancers Night 2009  - San Mateo, California  September 20, 2009

Desert Dance Festival  - Santa Clara, California  September 13, 2009

Private Performance at Spiritual Living - San Jose, California  August 8, 2009

Private Performance: Mediterranean Nights - Santa Clara, California  August 1, 2009

Danse Du Ventre at Splash Nightclub - San Jose, California  July 30, 2009 -  See the YouTube video of the performance!

Dancin' On The Avenue - Willow Glen, California  June 20, 2009

MECDA Summer Dancer Night  - Sunnyvale, California  June 14, 2009

Rakkasah West 2009  - Vallejo, California  March 14, 2009

SF Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions - San Francisco, California  January 17, 2009

Carnival of Stars 2008 - Hayward, California  November 9, 2008

Desert Dance Festival and Santa Clara Art & Wine  - Santa Clara, California  September 13, 2008

Santa Clara Art & Wine 2008  -  Santa Clara, California  September 14, 2008

Tatseena's Fantasy Festival 2008   - San Leandro, California  August 3, 2008

Goddess Fest 2008   - Boise, Idaho  July 25-27 2008

Private Party: Mediterranean Feast - San Jose, California May 16, 2008

A.K.O.D. 2008  - Mountain View, California  May 4, 2008

Rakkasah West  2008  - Vallejo, California  March 15, 2008

Bennuvian Reunion at Menara  San Jose, California  February 17, 2008

Private Birthday Party  Santa Clara, California  January 27, 2008

Sevanti's Wedding  Joliet, Illinois  December 29, 2007

Carnival Of Stars  Hayward, California  November 10, 2007

Bean Scream 2007   Sunnyvale, California  October 26, 2007

Desert Dance Festival  San Jose, California  September 23, 2007

Santa Clara Art & Wine 2007   Santa Clara, California  September 15 &16,  2007    

Bean Scene Dream  Sunnyvale, California  August 3, 2007

Tatseena's Belly Dance Fantasy Festival  San Leandro, California,  July 29, 2007 

Zora's Student Showcase: Evening At The Oasis - San Jose, California  July 14, 2007

Private Party  Mediterranean Feast - Santa Clara, California  June 2, 2007

AKOD! All Kinds Of Dance! - Mountain View, California   April 29, 2007  

Rakkasah West 2007  Richmond Auditorium, Richmond, California  March 18, 2007

Menara Moroccan Restaurant  Final Performance at Menara, San Jose, California  January 27, 2007

SF Ethnic Dance Festival 2007 Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco, California   January 13, 2007

SF/BA MECDA Gala "Prop Til Ya Drop"  Mission City Center for the Performing Arts, Santa Clara, California  December 3, 2006

Alcina's Student Night at Menara  Menara Moroccan Restaurant, San Jose, California   October 29, 2006

The Bean Scream 2006  The Bean "Scream"  Halloween at The Bean Scene, Sunnyvale, California  October 27, 2006

Desert Dance Festival 2006    Desert Dance Festival, San Jose, California  September 16 & 17, 2006
Santa Clara Art & Wine 2006  Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival, Santa Clara, California   September 17, 2006
MECDA Hafla 2006   MECDA Bay Area 2006 Summer Hafla, San Jose, California  August 27, 2006

Hafla Santa Cruz 2006  Masala Imports & Bellydance Odyssey Productions Hafla, Santa Cruz, California  July 8, 2006

Cairo Carnivale 2006  MECDA Cairo Carnivale, Santa Anita, California  June 10, 2006

Rakkasah West 2006   Rakkasah West, Richmond, California  March 26, 2006

Visions of Spring 2006   Visions of Spring BellyDance Gala, San Jose, California March 12, 2006 

Magic Camel Opening   Opening of The Magic Camel belly dance boutique,  Mountain View, California  December 4, 2006 

Wedding of Jenny Wood   Jenny Wood's Wedding, Travis Airforce Base  May 2005

Menara Student Night 2005  Student Night at Menara Moroccan Restaurant, San Jose, California  May 2005

Menara Student Night 2004   Student Night at Menara Moroccan Restaurant, San Jose, California  July 2004

Magic Camel Fashion Show  The Magic Camel Fashion Show, Santa Clara, California May 2004

2004 Mecda Hafla   MECDA Bay Area Hafla 2004, Los Altos, California 2004