Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival 2008 - Sunday, September 14, 2008

For the 7th year in a row, the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival invited Bahira and Troupe Nambah to perform their World Fusion Style of belly dance also on the Meadow Stage in Central Park.  This year Troupe Nambah invited their friends The Egyptsies to share the stage with them in presenting a tribal/gypsy mix of belly dances.   Cassiopeia on the right is at 36 weeks pregnant and shows that belly dance is a wonderful form of pre-natal exercise.   More photos can be seen at Troupe Nambah and Egyptsies    Photos by David and Douglas Martin.


                  Shiva, Bahira and Fara'Asha of Troupe Nambah    and        Chron, Cassiopeia & Mandella of the Egyptsies

Troupe Nambah opened the show


The Egyptsies presented their Latin flavored set


And both troupes performed the finale together:  Algerian Hip Hop - a line dance


More information at  City of Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival