Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival 2009
On Sunday Bahira and Indigenous shared its more traditional line-up of Middle Eastern Dance with Friends: Rakset Wadi Al Shems (Dancers of the Valley of the Sun).  Photos by Dave Martin.
Indigenous opened the show with "Mirjanah" a feisty Egyptian number:
Followed by a humorous drum "Disturb" by The Orient Beats Back:
Then Fara'Asha and Bahira performed a flirty gypsy skirt dance:
Bahira, Aniq and Fara'Asha performed a cane dance "telekik":
And then Friends:Rakset Wadi Al Shems (Saida director - third from left) performed their set joined by Aniq who is a member of both troupes
And last, everyone took the stage for the finale, "Midunya" choreography by Friend Zora:
Bahira on behalf of Indigenous and Saida on behalf of Rakset Wadi Al Shems bids Thanks and Goodbye:
 The Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival happens every summer in September and is free to the public.  It has the best showing of artists, musicians and crafts people in the South Bay Area.  Food, Libations, Art, Music, Entertainment and Fresh Air are all combined in the lovely Central Park of Santa Clara at 909 Kiely Street.  We hope to see you there again next year! 
More information at  City of Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival