Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival 2008 - Saturday, September 13, 2008

For the second year in a row, the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival invited Bahira and Indigenous to perform their Mytho-Poetic Dance.  This year Indigenous fused Afro-Brazilian music and story-telling interwoven with Middle Eastern costuming and dance styling to present a completely new set of Mytho-Poetic Dances from the previous year.  Indigenous performed this set of imaginary dances on the Meadow Stage in Central Park on Saturday morning and then reprised some of the dances again that evening at Dunia's Desert Dance Festival also in Santa Clara at the S.E.S Hall on Lafayette Street.  Detailed photos of these performances can be seen at


Above photos from Santa Clara Art & Wine courtesy of  David and Douglas Martin

and Desert Dance Festival 2008

Photos below at Desert Dance Festival courtesy of Carl Sermon of  ReelSoundandLight


More information at  Desert Dance Festival

More information at  City of Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival