Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival - September 17, 2011


For the fifth year in a row, Bahira performed with Indigenous at the fabulous Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival on the Meadow Stage in Central Park, Santa Clara, California.  Indigenous debuted their latest Mytho-Poetic performance piece, an imaginary story from the ancient Far East.  Here are photos courtesy of Douglas Martin:


All is peaceful and carefree in the Village until a messenger brings dire news of War!

The Bushi women take up their ancestors' swords, practice their fighting skills and march to battle against the Enemy.

Enter the Dragon Warriors:

Who merge their powerful spirits to defeat the Enemy in battle.


After defeating their foe, the Bushi women put down their weapons and return to their homelands....

...where they honor their ancestors by dancing Obon....

...and then joyfully returning to their womanly ways with wagasa (parasol), sensu (fan) and silk.


Thanks to all who came out to support Bahira and Indigenous!  See you next year!