Desert Dance Festival - September 13, 2009
Bahira performed with Indigenous at the 24th Annual Desert Dance Festival at its new home in Santa Clara at the S.E.S. Hall, 1375 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, California  95050.  Photos courtesy of  ReelSoundandLight 
This two day festival open to both the public and dance community is organized by Dunia and brings in leading teachers for workshops, venders, middle eastern food and all day performances by professional and non-professional belly dancers, solos and troupe performances and live musicians.  This was DDF's second year at this location, but the Festival has been an annual event for over 20 years.  It was open to the public and suitable for family viewing.   Next year will be its 25th Anniversary.  Don't miss it!   More information can be found at  Desert Dance Festival
The Zombies come to life for Michael Jackson's "Thriller"....
...Shake their booty and snarl at the audience.
To Michael who inspired us all to dance, may he Rest In Peace...