2012 Events:

4th Annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique

Menlo Park, CA

       Saturday, October 27, 2012       

For the second time, Bahira displayed and sold her latest Miko Kami Spirit Dolls at the fabulous Quadrus Conference Center, 2400 Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park as part of the FABMO (Fabric & More) organization's promotion to salute those artists (over 40 at this event!) who support recycling and redistribution of usable goods.  More info at Fabmo.org

See a video of the FabMo Story: FabMo Video


Bahira crafts and sells Miko Kami Spirit Dolls made of recycled fabrics and found objects.  Each Doll has a name and a story all her own and, as an art piece, is signed by the artist, dated and numbered on the bottom.  No two are like.  Bahira's Miko Kami Dolls are available at the East West Bookstore in Mt. View, California. 

2011 Events:


Saturday, December 10, 2011     12 Noon to 5 PM

At the home of Breda Taylor 1096 Carolyn Avenue, San Jose, CA  95125

Bahira exhibited her Miko Kami Spirit Dolls along with two other artists, Sherie Graysmark and Kathey Piros in the comfort of Breda Taylor's home in Willow Glen.    Contact Bahirabahira.net to have her host a boutique in your home.

3rd Annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique

Saturday, October 22, 2011  10:00 AM to 4 PM

Quadrus Conference Center, 2400 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California

Bahira exhibited and sold her recycled fabric art pieces at the 3rd Annual FabMo Textile Art Boutique on Saturday, October 22, 2011  10:00 AM to 4 PM at the Quadrus Conference Center, 2400 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park California.

The day long craft fair and sale, was open to the public at no charge showcasing crafts and arts made primarily from FabMo materials.  Free parking and refreshments were available.  In past years there were napkins, placemats, purses and totes, wearable art, dolls, toys, braided rugs, paper crafts, jewelry, pillows, pet products, accessories, wall hangings, quilts, cards and more.  The recycled/repurposed nature of these items is what sets FabMo apart from other art and craft shows. FabMo holds monthly distributions of high-end home textiles, wallpapers, tiles, rugs and other materials that need to find a better home than the landfills!

More information on FabMo at:   Fabrics and More: recycling

Bahira's Miko Kami (Female Shaman Spirit) Dolls are also available for sale at the East West Bookstore, 324 Castro Street in Mountain View, California. 


Bahira also sold all of her one-of-a-kind wearable art Tribal Belly Dance Belts created from beautiful brocades and other fabrics.  These are now gone, gone, gone!  If you have one, they will never be made again!


Teri is the last happy customer for Bahira's Beautiful Belts!


2010 Events:

San Mateo County Fair - June 12-20, 2010

Two of Bahira's handcrafted items were on display at the San Mateo County Fair as part of the Sustainable Living Exhibit featuring FabMo and the talented artists who use repurposed and discontinued designer fabrics and trims.

To the right and below the sign: Bahira's California Green Belt dance belts & Miko Kami (Spirit Guide) Dolls

More information at  San Mateo County Fair


2009 Events:

SF/BA MECDA Gala Show & Fundraiser

November 14, 2009

Bahira's Beautiful Bedlah was selected by the SF/Bay Are MECDA committee along with other exciting venders to sponsor the 2009 Gala Showcase & Fundraiser at the Cubberley Auditorium in Palo Alto, California.


Bahira offered a colorful display of her costumes, yarn hairpieces, jewelry, accessories and she also featured her California Green line of reasonable priced dancing belts and wearable art made from recycled materials. 

These items can be found for sale on-line at  Flowering Enterprises Inc On-Line Store  Wearable Art


This fundraising event featured all day dancing by both professional and non-professional local dancers and ended with two showcases of local teachers and troupe performances.  A portion of the funds raised went to support MECDA's pet charity, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence helping women in need.

Here are some snapshots of dancers and vendors:


Alcina, Ashley Lopez, Dunia, MaShuqua & Pepper Alexandria


Malia's New Moon Dance Ensemble & Raks A'Diva


Geisha Moth, Shiny Sparkly Things, SJE Creations and Karen Berman Henna Arts

Halloween Night

Bahira, Fara'Asha, Shiva and Aniq partied well past Midnight on All Hallow's Eve at the Buddha Lounge in Mt View.  Three Creatures of the Night accompanied Little Red Riding Hood to dance the night away.  It was wild:



We won't bite.....much...


Security kept a watchful eye on the crowd and Shiva kept a watchful eye...on Security!


Dancing, dancing, dancing.....we live to dance!


Hugs and Mugs for the camera


The Bartender performed his magic for a packed full house!

Dia De Los Muertos

Bahira got up early the morning after Halloween Night and joined Khajulah and friends for the Annual Day of the Dead parade and dance performances in down town San Jose, California, celebrating the lives of loved ones and ancestors who have passed over to the other side.   The morning started at Khajulah's digs with breakfast and face painting, and a drumming parade onto the Light Rail to Down Town where the group joined the official gathering before parading down E. San Fernando Street to the Martin Luther King Plaza.


Khajulah (center) opened her garden to the group for breakfast and face painting.


Skeletons in the bushes watched over the proceedings...


Veterans of the event exhibited their expertise with the paint brushes.


Khajulah helped to paint Paloma's face but Bahira kept it simple.


The group gathered to organize on Almaden Blvd. just before the Parade.


The Aztec Dancers performed the spectacular Opening Ceremonies before the Parade down San Fernando Street.



The Lion Dancers were one of many ethnic groups who performed in front of the Martin Luther King Library. 

Bahira helped to drum for the Belly Dance Collective's performance on the stage.

The group went out to late lunch/early dinner at the nearby Flames restaurant after the Festival....drumming and dancing all the way.  We were at big hit with the restaurant patrons!

2008 Events : City Souks I & II, Rakset Wadi Al Shems at San Jose Women's Club & MECDA's Hafla at the Hoover with Morocco

2006 Events : Bellydance Superstars Performances