Tatseena's Belly Dance Fantasy Festival - Sunday, July 29, 2007 

Bahira performed in the "Spirit Birds" suite of Mytho-Poetic Dance with Indigenous at Tatseena's 6th Annual Belly Dance Festival at the San Leandro Marina Community Center. This one day festival was well attended by dancers, venders and viewers and hosted a wide variety of excellent dancers, musicians and catering from the Bay Area as well as seven classes with top teachers. 

Three of the IndigeGals pose for Nicole Marshall.  Thanks for the photo Nicole!

MaShuqa's husband Carl was on hand as photographer.  Stay tuned for action shots of the performance!

Tatseena's troupe Good Vibrations reprised their "Dreams of Cleopatra" vignette for a hushed and appreciative crowd:

Photos by Bahira 


More information at Tatseena's Fantasy Festival